Our Doggie Fit Team


Shantalle Galviz

I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I have always owned dogs in my life, and I am a huge dog lover. I started my career professionally with Dogs nine years ago as a volunteer for the local animal clinic in my neighborhood. It was vital for me to gain experience with handling all breeds of dogs; it led me to work for different Doggie Daycares around the city. I quickly fell in love with the idea of providing my pet care service to the pets of NYC. Doggie Fit LLC is that idea that became a reality; working with dogs is my passion. Expanding to a facility to be able to provide greater care is the end goal.


Isaac Santana

Meet Isaac! Isaac started his career working with dogs four years ago, learning with his dog Blu by his side. He quickly fell in love with the lifestyle and decided this was a commitment for life. Isaac is mentored by our head trainer Marquise Berry.


Joshua Galviz

Meet Joshua! Joshua has been working with dogs for Doggie Fit as a professional dog walker for 5 years, working closely with his sister Shantalle to provide proper care and love to the pets of NYC. Joshua loves all of our dogs and is Doggie Fit’s lead dog walker, covering emergency requests and regular everyday walks.



Hello! My my name is Blu! I am a four year old American Bully. My favorite day of the week is Sunday! It’s the day I get to train with my dad for sport. I enjoy long walks and beef jerky treats! Life wasn’t always so simple for me, my dad rescued me from a bad owner and gave me purpose. Through proper training and handling I’ve been able to pass my canine good citizen test and I am now a permanent member of the Doggie Fit Team! My job is to help assess the temperaments of other dogs. I help show other dogs life is much better with structure. Life is sweet!