We offer Dog Training in NYC & Southern CT

Group walks help keep your pet a social and well-balanced dog. Pack walks are good for any dog, keeping them socialized and stimulated. We use a GPS Tracking software to monitor all of our walks with your pet. Pictures and a detailed update are sent once the appointment is complete.

Private sessions are a great option for people who want to be involved in the process of training their dog. This will set you off on the path of success towards building a strong relationship with your dog.

Lessons are typically about an hour long. During the private sessions, we will teach your dog new behaviors as well as correct unwanted or troublesome behaviors.  Tools such as food, clicker, long lines, prong, and e-collars are used.

The basic commands we cover are Sit, Down, Place, Heel, and Come. After a number of in-home sessions, we can take the training out into the real world. This helps expose the dog to the various settings you may find yourself in. We can go to parks, city spaces, dog-friendly stores, on hikes, and anywhere you see yourself wanting to take your dog.

A $50 evaluation meet and greet is required to go over the training needs of your dog

Single Session: $135

Three Session Package: $375

Six Session Package: $700

Ten Session Package: $1,000

Ages 12- 20 weeks

DoggieFit Puppy Development Program is designed to get your young pup ready for a successful lifetime of learning. This program will build a strong foundation making training more advanced behaviors easier for you and your dog. The initial focus of the DoggieFit Puppy Development Program will be:

  • Crate training / Housebreaking
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Come
  • Walking on Leash

$1500 total,  $750 due at reservation balance due at start date.

A $50 evaluation meet and greet is required to go over the training needs of your dog

Puppies that complete this program are eligible for a 10% discount on any future package booked within 1 year of the completion date.

6 months and older

DoggieFit 2 Week On-Leash Program is our basic real-world training package. The goal of this program is for you to be confident when taking your dog out in public around various distractions. DoggieFit 2 Week On-Leash Program will focus on

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Heel

All commands are taught with duration

A $50 evaluation meet and greet is required to go over the training needs of your dog

The 2 On Week Leash Program includes 3 private sessions following the program. The first session is mandatory at drop off or pickup to go over everything your dog learned.

$2750 in total. $1000 due at the reservation, balance due on the start date.

Ages 8 Months and Older

The DoggieFit 4 Week off Leash Program is designed to allow dogs the freedom of being off-leash in unconfined areas. We will strengthen all your dog’s core behaviors so that you will be confident when stepping into these situations knowing under any level of distraction your dog will respond. You and your dog will be able to equally enjoy a wide range of outdoor experiences in dog friendly areas. The DoggieFit 4 Week off Leash Program will focus on

Recall Commands: Here/Come

Holding Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Place, Heel

A $50 evaluation meet and greet is required to go over the training needs of your dog

$4,8000 in total. $1,600 due at booking, balance due on the end date. 4 Private Sessions are included, one mandatory session at drop off to review the training program.